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The FINDME exhibition mock-up 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I have two mockups for two areas in the exhibition. In both mockups, children can interact with my exhibit and figure out four interesting activities. Reading, Drawing, Playing, and Taking photos.

The Instruction of Virtual exhibition

Besides the physical exhibition, I did the video of Instruction of Virtual exhibition, which is for visitors to have a vision before visiting my exhibition; which locations you can experience painting, coloring, and read books.

The Instruction of Virtual exhibition also is for everybody can see how my exhibition looks like on my website without travel directly.
Watching the video to explore more interesting things in my interactive exhibition for children 3-5 years old.

Augmented reality (AR) experiment

(AR) is an interactive 3D experience that combines a view of the real world
with computer-generated elements.
I am making an AR experiment on the "FindMe" exhibition. Using your camera on the iPhone, scanning
AR code on the tree  you will see a pop-up "Thank you for joining us" look like the video below. 

Social Action Campaign -

Cherish Friendship

​ With "Lost and Found George" concept of the characters Bear and George, the "FindMe" exhibition wants to convey the message of cherishing friendship through empathy.
"Don't wait until you lose to realize its value"

My Social Action Campaign started with the delivery of the Lost cat flyers and the one-week per message on Instagram. Everybody can scan the QR code on the Lost cat flyers to access my website to listen to the song; read my foldable booklet; play the mini-game app; learn how to make a stuffed bear; receive an invitation to visit my "FindMe" interactive exhibition; explore more AR technology, and empathize the friendship between Bear and George.
Delivery Lost cat flyers to Cole-Harrington Children's Center. Stick Lost cat flyers on note  board of some townhouses in Canton, MA
Start the social action campaign on Instagram. 
The one-week per message on Instagram

MOM and DAUGHTER journal

The exhibition building process is shown in the digital book: mom and daughter journal.

This is a journey of mother and daughter recorded in pictures and videos to narrate the progress of complete the "FindMe" exhibition.




in 15 Channel Center Street Boston MA 02210

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